Breaking News: AI technology 1000x Smarter than Nida Yasir!

GPT 4 Knows which formula you are talking about – unlike Nida Yasir!

Let me share with you a story about my lifelong love for Courage the Cowardly Dog. As a child, I used to watch this show religiously and was always fascinated by how Courage would seek help from his computer. I remember thinking how amazing it would be if we all had a computer like that to help us out.

Courage, the cowardly dog!

Chat GPT is Here!

Well, fast forward twenty years later, and that wild dream of mine has become a reality thanks to Open AI’s Chat GPT. This intelligent chatbot is like having a superhero at our fingertips, ready to save the day whenever we need it. It’s incredible how far technology has come, and it makes me wonder what other amazing advancements we’ll see in the years to come. The possibilities truly are endless!

GPT 3 vs GPT 4 – Which one is more powerful?

GPT 3 was a huge advancement over Turing NLG – GPT 4 makes another exponential leap!

Open AI just rolled out its new Chat GPT 4 on March 14th 2023. The GPT 4 is an evolved version of its predecessor but 10 times more powerful.

Evolution of Chat GPT

GPT 3 vs GPT 4 Comparison

GPT-4 is an evolved form of GPT-3.5 which combines artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning. The smart AI based chatbot can do wonders as it comes equipped with the ability to process visuals.

GPT 4 Features

Process 25,000 Words in one command!

While working with GPT-3, one of the most frustrating issues was limited word count. However, with GPT-4 , the user can process 25,000 words at once. 

This means that you can write an entire book with a single prompt. GPT-4 can handle 8x more data compared to GPT-3. 

GPT 4.0 Can Interpret Images 🔥

Chat GPT 4 has the ability to understand and interpret images. In other words, GPT 4 is multi-modal and can understand not just text.

This has powerful applications as people with disabilities can use this to their advantage. Disabled people can identify objects, ask questions and improve their knowledge with the help of this new GPT update.

Applications of Chat GPT 4

GPT-4 is the perfect solution to businesses struggling with customer support. The AI is intelligent and feels like you are just interacting with another, smarter human being. 

The powerful GPT 4 offers companies with some really cool functionality like the ability to automate dialogue boxes and create responses automatically. 

This new version beats the previous in terms of creativity, editing power and technical details. Open AI spent six months on making GPT-4 safer compared to the previous versions. Internal evaluations by Open AI further revealed that GPT-4 produced more factually inclined data compared to previous versions. 

GPT 4 has passed several exams with excellent grades!

Furthermore, GPT-4 outperformed GPT 3.5 in the majority of the tests performed. Since GPT 4 is using Natural Language Processing, it is much more reliable and produces accurate results.

The AI-driven system is sophisticated and highly intuitive. Most importantly, the system can act as a human representative for businesses looking to automate customer support. 

Khan Academy, Duolingo and Be My Eyes are already using GPT 4!

Many companies like Duolingo, Be My Eyes, Stripe and Khan Academy have already integrated GPT-4.

Is GPT 4 More Accurate

Undoubtedly, Chat GPT 3 and GPT 4 can produce decent answers. However, GPT 4 was trained on various malicious prompts as well. This allowed the model to get better at producing factual data. As expected, the new model has better analytical and reasoning capabilities. When GPT 3 and GPT 4 were asked the same questions, both provided excellent answers. GPT 4 produced more accurate answers with better factual data.

Is Chat GPT 4 Free?

Users can access Chat GPT but GPT-4 is not free. It is available in the Chat GPT Plus paid subscription which costs $20 per month. Open AI has released the GPT-4 API for developers.

Are you a Pakistani and Want to use GPT 4 For FREE?

Bing Chat lets you use GPT 4 for FREE!

GPT-4 can be accessed for free using Microsoft’s Bing chat. The users can head over to Microsoft Bing but visual input features are unavailable currently. Users will still be able to use the text input which is based on the Large Language Model. Bing Chat, however, restricts the users to 15 chats per session and 150 sessions per day. Subscribing to ChatGPT Plus is definitely worth a shot!

In Conclusion

GPT 4 CAN make you 1000x smarter than Nida Yasir.

And if you English if like Meera… can learn that too!