Pakistan’s first Hand drawn animation “Glass worker” is Awesome

Glass worker (Sheesha Gar) is Pakistan’s first hand drawn animation. Usman riaz ,the writer and director of film ,explains the concept:

The Glass worker’s story revolves around a boy Vincent , his childhood friend Alliz and their relation ship in the days of their youth.Glass shop is a metaphor for life that it’s beautiful but fragile.This movie makes hand drawn animation a reality in Pakistan.

It started as a short film but then it got 60 min long and then 80 min and became a long film.It started with 4 people in one room and took a year and half of planning.We are super grateful for our backers who helped us raise 116,000 dollars on kickstarter.

People who work at Mano animation studios are from all backgrounds including fashion design,computer science,artists and illustrators. Usman gave an advice to aspiring film makers that worrying too much will hinder your progress and work hard every day.I started drawing in my room and showing them to my now wife Marium.He also said the may be one day they will publish a comic book.



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