Pak-China Lantern festival is really making Karachi a colorful place

Karachi is known as the city of lights but just when you thought it couldn’t get any brighter, the PAK-China Lantern Festival has added more colorful lights to the city’s beloved Benazir Bhutto Park.

The festival which started off in August has finally started shining its best as winter approaches the city. More and more people are flocking towards the park to see this new kind of activity that is currently illuminating Benazir Bhutto Park with pinks, blues, greens, and many other colors.

The festival has added much-needed color and lights to an otherwise dark park. If you haven’t been to the festival yet, you should visit it immediately because the festival will be ending this month.

The admission fee of the festival is RS.300 but it is well spent because it is something you’ll see for the very first time in Pakistan. You’ll also meet tons of other entertainment at the park such as jugglers, various performers, bouncy castles for kids, and more.

For people who love culture, the festival has recreated important landmarks in both countries. There are also tons of street food stalls to keep your tummies filled while you enjoy the festival with your family.