Mahira Khan visited Google and Facebook HQ in U.S and people there loved her

Pakistan’s biggest television and film star Mahira Khan has recently started out doing a lot of awareness campaigns. She recently campaigned with the UN for the wellbeing of Afghani refugee children in Pakistan and was welcomed for her efforts.

The star is now doing a cancer awareness campaign for Shaukat Khanum Hospital. For the campaign, she went to California and visited the iconic headquarters of Google and Facebook.

The actress was there to talk to hundreds of people working at Google and Facebook. She held small conferences where she explained the work of Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Pakistan.

Mahira released a series of pictures of her visit to Facebook and Google HQ. She even thanked both the companies for having her on board. A lot of people working in the two companies really loved having her around.

Mahira Khan at Facebook HQ

Thank you @facebook for having us. On behalf of @shaukatkhanum we visited the campus and had a great talk there. Through Facebook we have been raising awareness for years now and hopefully will continue to do so?

Mahira Khan at Google HQ

I am not a tech geek but man I was geeking out at @google HQ!
Can’t wait to go back, had a greeaaaat time.
We at @shaukatkhanum are grateful for the support.
P.S Its true’ Google does know everything