Karachi Police is apparently planning to stop petrol pumps from filling motorcyclists riding without helmet

A countrywide campaign against people riding motorcycles without a helmet seems to be getting stricter than ever. With a recent crackdown against motorcyclists in Lahore, Karachi police seem to be working on a controversial method to stop riders from riding bikes without helmets.

A letter has been acquired by a private group on Facebook which shows Karachi police planning on making it impossible for motorcyclists to acquire petrol if they’re not wearing helmets.

The letter issued to the commissioner of Karachi police is apparently asking the officer to take early action against motorcyclists riding without a helmet by directing petrol pump owners to not fill tanks of motorcyclists that arrive without a helmet.

A rough copy of the letter can be seen below.

Since the copy is very rough and hard to read, this is what we could make out of it:

It is stated that the use of a safety helmet by motorcycle riders is obligatory under the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965. Traffic police in Karachi is making efforts to enforce it through regular action.

However, it has been observed that motorcyclists still drive without helmets resulting in serious accidents and life losses.

The above violation requires additional check measures in addition to the action taken by Traffic police on helmet violation.

In view of the above, it is requested to direct the owners of all petrol pumps/filling stations not to sell fuel to motorcylists riding motorcycles without a helmet.

An early action in this regard is highly appreciated.

Signed Inspector General of Police, Traffic Karachi

The last line of the letter suggests that this is something that is still being considered.

What do you think about this new measures against motorcyclists if it comes into effect?