Gandhara and Nissan have launched Renault Trucks in Pakistan

In partnership with Gandhara Nissan Limited in Pakistan, Renault has just unleashed full range of its trucks in the country. The trucks are being introduced keeping in mind the high demand coming from China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

According to the general manager of Gandhara Nissan, the company will start importing trucks from three ranges by the end of 2019. The main target of the company is oil marketing companies and other large logistics businesses.

Renault Trucks will offer high horsepower with a large capacity. The company will target selling 20-40 trucks to logistics company that require large trucks capable of loading 50-70 tonnes at a given time.

Pakistan is currently only assembling around 650-700 trucks a month in the country while its demand is much higher, given the fact that CPEC operations have already started in Pakistan. The demand for trucks will only keep increasing from now on.

Renault isn’t the only company that is bringing its trucks to Pakistan, Hyundai and Isuzu Motors also recently launched their truck lineup. The truck market is expected to gro exceptionally and more companies are expected to enter this market.