Fakhr-e-Alam completes Mission Parwaaz – becomes first Pakistani to travel around the globe solo

Fakhr-e-Alam has finally fulfilled his dream of traveling across the globe and made Pakistan proud in the process. The renowned singer/songwriter, actor and TV host has completed Mission Parwaaz.

Alam traveled 27,000 nautical miles for 170 hours through 22 countries to live his dream. He has now become the first Pakistani ever to travel around the globe in less than 30 days.

He took to his Twitter Handle to announce good news yesterday and was showered with congratulatory messages.

The star had set out on the journey on October 6th and ended it on 4th of November, successfully meeting the requirements to set the record. The requirements were:

  • The entire trip is expected to take him 28 days to complete. This will depend a lot on weather conditions.
  • In order to set his record, Alam must meet the following requirements:
  • Minimum of 26,000 nautical miles flown through all medians
  • Only one plane will be used
  • The pilot is not allowed to change plane under no circumstances
  • The pilot must start and end the journey at the same airport.