Rabi Pirzada clarifies stance on disturbing social media post

Rabi Pirzada is one of those celebrities of Pakistan who often makes controversial headlines in the news. Just a few days ago, she struck again with a rather disturbing social media post.

The singer/songwriter with 3.2 million Facebook followers posed for a photo lying on the floor with her wrist cut open and blood pouring out of it. Signs of violence on her face and other arm were also visible.

The confusing post left many of her followers guessing what she was up to. Many thought that Pirzada was glorifying suicide with her questionable photo.

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation. AdminĀ 

But apparently, the starlet has clarified her stance on the photo saying that it had nothing to do with suicide, in fact, it had something to do with a murder. She even teased about something in her comments asking people to wait and watch what’s coming up.

This isnt a scene of suicide… its murder… n things like that do happen in our society… wait n watch what’s coming up…

Pirzada may have related the photo with murder, but we can’t help think why would a murderer cut their wrists. Maybe shes just trying to make up things.

Do you think she took things a bit too far this time? Even if it has something to do with an upcoming project, it’s clearly not nice to share disturbing photos when you have such a large following.