Orakzai in Fata is about to get this amazing school co-constructed by Pak Army

About a year ago, The Federal Government of Pakistan had decided to set up model schools in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) agencies in hopes of improving quality education for the youth and increasing the overall literacy rate in the region.

In the effort, at least seven such schools where the students would be groomed on physical and mental levels were planned to help improve their education.

Now with the help of PAK army, the combined efforts of the two are now finally being realized. Below are images of ‘nearly complete’ Government Model School in Sama Bazar, Orakzai, Fata.

The Model school is spread across 20 canals and aims to provide students unique learning experience. It’s spacious gardens prove that physical fitness will be an important part of the curriculum as well as education. A fully functional basketball court can also be seen.

The real aim of the provincial government and Army is to increase the literacy rate in the area which will help obtain long-lasting peace in Fata. The officials in the area are also taking action against illegal appointments of teachers in different tribal areas