Nokia’s new ad campaign is unlike anything you’ve seen in Pakistan

The new Nokia 1 Android Oreo Go Edition has recently made its entrance in Pakistan.

The brand chose a rather progressive and unconventional approach to launch its campaign with the purpose of creatively engaging the audiences on the move.

The task was simple, but still challenging as Kinetic Pakistan, the Out Of Home partner for Nokia, planned and executed a high visibility campaign for the Nokia 1 across 8 metropolitan cities of the country.

Taking a step away from the traditional outdoor mediums, the brand made its presence known by effectively utilizing state-of-the-art transit mediums, which included creative backlit floats, innovatively appealing fleet of trikes, hard to miss Nokia 1 beetle convoys and last but not least, easily noticeable LED hydraulic floats.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Needless to say, with such a powerful outdoor display, the new Nokia 1 left a strong mark on the consumers’ mind as the brand’s message was spread across 150 touch points in all the major cities.

The use of multiple mediums and especially innovative transit media at the selected high-traffic routes worked well to engage the audiences, grabbing millions of eyeballs and resulting in a whopping 35% increase in sales of the brand.

With such an exposure, one is bound to consider the significance of out of home media and how brands can further use this powerful medium to connect with their consumers at the right time and at the right touch point.