New Electricity Tariffs – Who gets affected?

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of Pakistan has finally decided to increase the power prices in Pakistan. The controversial decision came after many meetings.

The power rates have gone up by 10-20% depending on who you are. The committee has agreed to add an additional Rs. 1.20 per unit on the base tariff of electricity.

The new rates, however, are not for everyone. If your electricity units at the end of the month are less than 300 units, then there is no increase in your bill.

Furthermore, schools and hospitals have also been exempted from new electricity prices. The agricultural sector has in fact seen a cut of Rs. 5 per unit despite an overall increase in other sectors of the country.

Full details on new rates

According to ECC, here are the newly approved electricity rates.

  • Domestic Consumer using 1-300 units – No increase
  • Schools and Hospitals – No increase
  • Domestic Consumers using 300-700 units – 10% increase (Rs 1.20 per unit)
  • Domestic Consumers using 700-1500 units – 15% increase
  • General Industrial user – 78 paisa per unit increase
  • Export-oriented industries – 9.75 paise per unit (fixed price)
  • Agricultural Sector – Up to Rs 5-10 per unit decrease