Lahore Police to launch crackdown against motorcycles without side mirrors

City Traffic Police efforts against improving traffic in Lahore has seen an introduction of strict new rules and changes to current traffic violations.

The traffic police launched a crackdown against motorcyclists not wearing helmets on the roads of Lahore. The police have so far fined thousands of bikers in the city. Their efforts have paid off since anyone in Lahore can see how motorcyclists are now wearing helmets all the time.

To make traffic even better and reduce accidents in motorcycles, the City Traffic Police is about to launch a widespread crackdown against bikers who do not have a side view mirror on their bike.

Side view mirrors are a crucial part of motorcycles, allowing the rider to see the traffic behind them. This ultimately helps them take turns by looking at their back.

But in Pakistan, it is commonly observed that side view mirrors of bikes are removed when they are purchased. This is a serious safety concern and leaves the bikers blind from behind.

As of first of November, City Traffic Police will start imposing heavy fines on motorcyclists that are riding without a side view mirror. It is a good time to get your side view mirror installed before the crackdown begins. It is after all, for your own safety.