Japanese are developing a weird new technology that lets someone wear an iPad on the face and pretend to be you

In the past decade, technology has really given us new ways to live our life. Be it shopping on the internet or grabbing a ride on the road using your smartphone, technology has made a lot of things easier for us.

Although technological advancement has mostly been beneficial to us, sometimes someone creates something that is completely useless or downright weird.

A similar technology is being worked in Japan which is one of the weirdest techs you’ll see today.

Japanese researcher Jun Rekimoto is working on a new tech that gives you a way to socialize with others without actually having to ever leave your home, by having someone wear an iPad on their face and pretend like it’s you.

The technology is known as ChameleonMask and has already turned many heads on social media around the world. People are labeling it as the ‘Human Uber’ because of the similarities it shares with the ride-hailing company.

 How does ChameleonMask work

Think of ChameleonMask as the Uber for Humans. Instead of hiring a car to take you to a place, you’ll be hiring another person to wear an iPad over their face and venture the world for you so you can interact with people instead of actually being there.

Can’t attend a shaadi of your friend? Just hire someone to go to the function in your stead. The iPad on the person’s face will display your face and allow you to interact with people using your voice. A link is established between you and world just like video chatting through Skype.

It is still unclear how the person wearing the mask will be able to see things in front of them, though. Perhaps Rekimoto will add holes for eyes in the next update for the technology.