ICC shared a picture of children playing cricket in Abbottabad and Pakistanis are delighted

International Cricket Council allows fans of Cricket across the world to share their photos and videos which capture the essence of the game of Cricket on their Twitter handle.

In a bid to celebrate the spirit of cricket, ICC on Sunday shared a photo sent by a Pakistani fan from Cahmnaka Village, near Abbottabad which shows a few children playing the game in an area with rough and uneven terrain.

ICC praised the creativity of the children and wrote that if you’re creative, cricket can be played anywhere.

Cricket really can be played anywhere if you’re creative enough.

This wonderful photo was sent in by this week’s ICC Fan of the Week, Mubashir Jadoon from Chamnaka Village, Abbottabad

The Tweet triggered thousands of Pakistani fans to share the photo and most of them were delighted with the picture appearing on the ICC’s Twitter.

This isn’t the first time ICC has shared something from Pakistan. In June, ICC helped some Pakistani kids confirm a tricky dismissal in a tape ball match.