Employees of Pakistani Media are threatening traffic police after being caught violating law

City Traffic Police Lahore (CTPL) is doing everything in its power to control traffic and provide safety for people on the roads. The police have not only recently strengthened traffic laws in different parts of the country but are also making sure anyone violating the law, is caught and fined on the spot.

The CTPL recently started a strict campaign against motorcyclists without helmets in different parts of Lahore. Since then, the police has been issuing tickets without discrimination.

But as with all strict campaigns initiated by the Traffic police, there are people who believe they are above the law and try to exploit the power given to them by certain organizations.

On several occasions recently, media people were caught on video threatening the traffic police officers blatantly.

Traffic police have taken to social media to expose these people, and leave a message to everyone that no one is above the law, even if they belong to a prestigious media house in Pakistan.

Let’s have a look at the recent such cases caught on camera.

Case 1 – Threats

The video below clearly shows the indecent and rude behavior of an employee of a media house towards the police. When he was caught violating a traffic law, he refused the challan and gave his press card in order to avoid being fined.

When his ‘media card’ had no effect on the police, he started to misbehave and dared the police to lock his motorcycle.


Case 2 – Intimidation

This media person can be seen threatening the police officer in this video. Upon being stopped, he gave his media card to avoid being fined. But when the Police officer did not budge, the man came down to threats.

It can be clearly heard that the media employee asked the police officer about his branch so he could take his picture and maybe run a negative news item against him.


Case 3 – invalid arguments

This media personnel from not only tried to escape from a challan by using an invalid argument.


As Pakistanis, no matter what organization we belong to, it is our duty to abide by the law. Media should set positive examples for the citizens of a country but clearly, that is not the case with Pakistani media.

Shouldn’t the Media expose their employees just like they love to expose everyone else in Pakistan?