You can now buy iPhone XS, XS Max, XR in Pakistan – Here’s the cheapest way to get them

Apple revealed its latest iPhone’s last week and people are already eager to get their hands on the newest phones.

The iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR are now also available to buy in Pakistan.

With the release of a new iPhone, there are many sellers in Pakistan that put an unreasonably high price on the new phones. Don’t become a victim of this scam and only find the best deals.

If you are ready to order your new iPhone, we have listed down the best deals on all three of the new iPhones.

Cheapest price of iPhone XS Pakistan
Buy now from Rs. 174,999

The iPhone XS is the successor to last year’s iPhone X which introduced the Notch trend within the smartphone industry. The new phone is a powerful upgrade from last year’s edition with a better camera, processor and improved performance in everything.

iPhone XS is being sold in the local market for as high as Rs.209,999 which is unreasonably high. You can easily get the phone for Rs.174,999 through

Cheapest price of iPhone XS Max Pakistan
Buy now from Rs. 189,999

The Max edition of the iPhone XS is essentially the ‘Plus’ version of this year’s new phone. With a bigger screen and slightly more power added in the hardware, this is an excellent upgrade for those who love big screens and more power.

The iPhone XS Max is currently being sold in the local market for an insanely high Rs.250,999. Avoid buying from sellers who are unreasonably charging for a phone you can otherwise get from Rs. 189,999 from

Cheapest price of iPhone XR Pakistan 
Buy now from Rs.129,999

The slimmed down version of the iPhone XS may sound like a phone that has less appeal, but in reality, it packs the same punch as the other two new phones except for some changes on the screen and one less camera.

The iPhone XR is not a budget phone, it is a very high-end phone with a reasonable price tag to help introduce iPhone to new users.

But in Pakistan, many are selling it as high as Rs.170,999 which is about 50k rupees more from the average starting price of Rs.129,999.