This is the final inside look of the Peshawar BRT buses

Chinese bus manufacturer Xiamen has just sent the first few of their Golden Dragon buses that will become the part of the Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit (BRT) project.

The city buses as seen in the pictures will have all the modern features of city buses that are found internationally. All the buses will come equipped with air conditioning as well as comfortable seating for all the passengers.

The buses will also feature automatic doors, special seats for the disabled, air condition, Wi-Fi, charging docks, and safety features for the drivers and extra standing space for the ongoing passengers. For the Peshawar BRT, the buses are being painted green/white in color.

More about Peshawar BRT

The Peshawar BRT project which is sometimes also known as TransPeshawar is currently under construction in Peshawar by the Peshawar Development Authority.

The project is divided into two phases with the first one covering East-West corridor of 26 kilometers consisting of 31 stations with at least 383 buses operating on the route. The first phase of the bust project is expected to complete very soon.

When completed, passengers can board the bus from stations at Chamkani, Chughal Pura, Nishtarabad, Sethi, Skander, Gulbahar Square, Hashtnagri, Janazgah, Qila Balahisar, Hospital Road, Khyber Bazaar, Soekarno Square Secretariat, Dabgari Bagh, Peshawar Cantonment, State bank, Saddar Bazaar, Mall Road, Khyber Road (Airport), Gora Qabristan, Tenkal, Tambuwaan, Andara Road, University Town, University of Peshawar, Islamia College, Board Bezar Regi, Tajabad, Hayatabad IV, Hayatabad III, Tatara Park, Hayatabad V, and Shaukat Khanum.