The pillion riding ban in Islamabad has been reduced to 10 days only

Just a few days ago, CDA and ICT administration announced a pillion riding ban in the capital for two whole months starting from 1st of Muharram.

Although pillion riding ban is quite common in Muharram, the two-month ban was quite a stretch and created a whole lot of controversy when people found out about it.

After much uproar and criticism on the ban, the ICT administration has issued a new notification relaxing the ban to only 10 days.

The notification issued by ICT read that the order of pillion riding ban will now remain enforced for a period of 10 days i.e on 1st to 10th Muharram 2018.

Muharram-Ul-Haram has already started and the 10th of Muharram falls on the 21st of September. Although official public holidays have not been announced yet, it is only time until the official public holiday announcement is made.

It is also not clear whether ride-hailing services like Careem, Uber, and Bykea also face the ban. Last time the ICT administration put a ban on pillion riding, these ride-hailing companies were also banned and hence their services were rendered.