The 50 new Pakistani traffic violations trending on Facebook are Fake

By now you must have come across a list of new traffic violations posted on Facebook. This post is trending all over Pakistan and Pakistanis are delighted to see new traffic violations that will help control traffic better.

The list suggests various new traffic violations along with their respective fines such as driving a non registered vehicle, not displaying the sticker, driving a vehicle on road without renewal of its license and more.

But unfortunately, this list of 50 new traffic violations trending on Facebook is completely fake. It has actually been copied word to word from Qatar’s traffic violation. The fines are changed to PKR instead of QR.

We did a little search on Google and ended up on the website where with a little bit of Google translation enabled, you can easily view this list of traffic violations that can be settled by paying fines.

The entire document consisting of 113 violations spread across 17 pages can be read here.

Given the popularity of these violations in Pakistan, perhaps Pakistani traffic police should implement these on the roads of the country?