Punjab Governor House opened for public yesterday and attracted hundreds of families

For the first time in many years, the Punjab Governor House was opened to the public and anyone could come in and see the house and its lawns for themselves.

On Sunday afternoon yesterday, the Punjab House surprisingly attracted hundreds of families who were allowed into the compound after an identification check. People were requested to show their CNICs at the gate near Al-Hamra Hall on Mall Road before entering the house.

This is the third Governor’s house in Pakistan to go public after last weeks Sindh and Muree Governor houses were also opened for the public.

People came in swarms with their family and had a good time on the lawns of the house. The small pond beside the house was also opened for the public where they enjoyed boating rides with their family.

The aftermath of yesterday’s opening

Even though opening the Governor house for the public is a great move by the government, unfortunately, people did not end up treating it well.

Scores of garbage and trash were found after the public had left the house at 6 pm. Some people even tried to take off fruit from the trees of the Governor house Here are some pictures of how things were left after families left for home.