Private bank employee found guilty of transferring dam donation to wrong account

The Supreme Court’s dam fund is getting a steady amount of donations from Pakistanis all over the world. Since its inception, the dam fund has already generated over 2 billion rupees and continues to rise as more and more donations pour in.

But a recent event shared by a local citizen of Lahore has surprised and shocked everyone. According to the story, the employee of UBL branch in Lahore was caught transferring the dam donation funds to an anonymous account.

He filled deposit form and submitted funds. Cashier on duty stamped and signed deposit form and told him that funds are transferred in Dam Fund. – fraud victim

According to the victim of this fraud, the deposit form was filled and the funds were submitted and the cashier on duty stamped and signed the deposit form and verbally acknowledge that the funds were transferred to the account.

My Colleague was surprised and asked for a proper confirmation slip confirming transfer of said amount. Cashier argued and insisted that he followed proper procedure to transfer funds and cannot issue any other confirmation. He was surprised as all bank issue a proper deposit slip.

Unsure of whether the amount was actually transferred to the right account, the victim asked for a deposit slip as a proof of transaction which the cashier denied and argued that the transfer was made.

Disappointed, the victim walked away but decided to try depositing Rs. 500 from a different UBL branch in Lahore and this time he received a deposit slip showing the account number of where the money was transferred as a proof.

The manager of the bank also confirmed that a confirmation slip must be issued if a customer insists on the cashier and confirmed that the actions of the other branch’s cashier were questionable.

Not satisfied we deposited Rs. 500 again to another UBL branch and this time we were issued a proper deposit slip. Manager Operations at that branch confirmed that a confirmation slip must have been issued in first instance and Cashier,s actions in that regard were dubious.

The victim along with his colleagues went back to the defrauding bank and questioned the operations manager who admitted that the funds were transferred to an anonymous account by the cashier by mistake and the bank was looking at the matter.

We came back to previous branch and questioned Manager Operations about the procedure and confirmed if funds have really been transferred to Dam Fund. To our shock he told us that Cashier transferred funds to an anonymous account by mistake and they were trying to get that money back to transfer in Dam Fund.

Where and how to report such incidents

Normally, if you come across such an incident, the first move is to lodge a complaint with the bank’s manager. But if you are still not satisfied, you can lodge a complaint against the bank with the State Bank of Pakistan through an email.

Write an email describing your problem and send it to along with a copy forwarded to the bank you were dealing with.

To avoid such frauds, make sure to ask for a deposit slip as a confirmation of the transfer from the cashier. Remember, a cashier cannot deny giving you a deposit slip no matter what happens.