Near identical iPhone X copy goes on sale in Pakistan for Rs. 26,000

By now you must have come across iPhone X listed on various online sites costing only about Rs. 26,499 as opposed to the actual price of iPhone X which is well beyond Rs. 100,000.

These iPhone X are made in Vietnam and are a cheap knock-off of the phone which look quite real when you hold it in your hand.

Some people in the market are selling these phones claiming that they are original iPhones. Because of a very similar visual appearance of the exterior and the software of the phone, it is often hard to tell apart the differences between the fake and the original.

Those people who have very little idea about smartphones let alone an iPhone are easily convinced that these knock-offs are actually original iPhones.

Check the video below to see how closely these iPhones resemble the original Apple iPhone X.

How to tell the difference between original and fake iPhone X

Even though both the phones look visually similar from the outside, there are plenty of obvious giveaways that you can easily see when you hold the set in your hand. Here’s how you can tell the difference.

  • The price difference is the first major giveaway. iPhone X costs Rs. 100,000+ in Pakistan
  • The screen colors on the boxes are different – the original iPhone X has white and green colors while the fake has red and blue shades.
  • The fake phone shows a lock on the screen on the box
  • At the back of the box, the barcodes are different
  • The barcode on the back of the fake iPhone X will mention a color of the phone which is non-existent on the original phone.
  • Upon opening the phone, the accessories on the fake phone are encased in a plastic shell
  • The fake phone has thick rear cameras that come out of the phone
  • The fake iPhone X also has text below the iPhone logo in the back
  • The notch of the iPhone X is actually added on top of the screen in the fake version
  • The fake phone usually has assistive touch enabled by default
  • The fake iPhone also needs a gevy┬ásim to operate
  • The FaceID setup is completely different on both phones. The fake one does not require you to position your face directly in front of the camera
  • When you try to update the fake iPhone, it will take you to an external link
  • The Fake iPhone is actually running on a different software than iOS