McDonald’s is celebrating 50 years of Big Mac with a coin that gets you a free Big Mac

McDonald’s Global and Pakistan is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic Big Mac today. The fast-food giant is giving something special to people who buy a Big Mac on the 2nd and 3rd of August.

With every purchase of a Big Mac meal, you will get a chance to find a MacCoin inside the box of the burger. This special edition coin can then be used to get a free Big Mac any time you want for free.

That’s not all, the brass colored coins feature five unique designs that reflect one of the five decades the iconic burger has been around. For collectors, this is a huge opportunity to get a coin in their hands which will be gone by tomorrow.

The designs on MacCoins

According to sources, each coin has a different design and here is what they showcase:

  • 70s coin – The 70s coin will showcase a flower power
  • 80s coin – The 80s coin pays tribute to pop art
  • 90s coin – The 90s coin showcases bold, abstract shapes
  • 00s coin – The 00s coin focuses on technology
  • 10s coin – The 10s coin depicts the evolution of communication

How can you get a free Big Mac using MacCoin

If you want a free Big Mac, now is your chance to head to your nearest McDonald’s branch and buy a Big Mac meal.

The more Big Macs you buy, the more chances you’ll get to receive this special edition coin.

Once you find the coin inside your Big Mac box, you can either decide to keep for collection or exchange it at the counter for a free Big Mac!

The MacCoin can be used to get a free Big Mac from 2nd August till the end of 2018.

Have anyone of you been lucky enough to get your hands on a MacCoin in Pakistan yet?