Karachites have discovered a new picnic spot ‘Bhit Kohri’ and this is how you get there

By now you must have come across a video of this incredible new spot on the social media. The video, uploaded by Sohaib Khan from Karachi, is actually showing ‘Bhit Kohri’, a sun drenched-beach with blue water situated at a short distance away from Mubarak Village.

Even though this may be the first time you are seeing this spot, Bhit Kohri is actually quite old. Sohaib Khan went to the place on his trusty jeep ‘Tumbler’ after being recommended by Muhammad Hanif Bhatti, the founder of PakWheels.

The only reason why the spot seems empty is because quite a lot of people didn’t know it existed and the fact that getting there requires a 4×4 due to a rough track.

The spot is also not listed on Google, which makes it even harder to reach.

If you are still keen on getting to ‘Bhit Kohri’, Sohaib has a detailed guide on how you can get there.

Location of Bhit Kohri

First things first, you need to reach Mubarak Village which is around 1 hour away from Karachi. This location is easily reachable. You can use Google Maps to reach there:

Once you have reached Mubarak Village, you can ask a local to take you ‘Bhit Kohri’ which is 20-25 minutes walk away. Or if you have a 4×4 vehicle, you can take the ‘off-road track’ just to the right of Mubarak village until you reach the spot.

According to Sohaib, reaching Bhit Kohri takes around an hour from Karachi to Mubarak Village.

There are no hotels, shops, or any other facilities available near the place. So make sure to bring food and other things you require.

The spot is approximately around 45 KMs from Gulbhai/Haksbay road, Karachi.

The best and easiest way to get there is to ask a local in the village, especially if you are going there with a family or for the first time.

Important message from bored.pk

As much as we love sharing new picnic spots for you, we strongly urge you to keep the spot clean.

Please take any trash you have with you back and throw it in designated garbage areas. Excessive trash will not only ruin the beauty of this place but will also damage your environment.

Keep things tidy and Enjoy!

We would also like to thank Mr. Sohaib Khan for taking out time to share the details of ‘Bhit Kohri’ with us.