Believe it or not, these sketches are made by a 14-year old girl from Karachi

Pakistan is full of young talent only waiting to be discovered. Whether its sports, arts, music or any other field, we have got someone who excels at it naturally.

A 14-year-old-girl from St. Joseph Convent School in Karachi is one such example.

Safa Ali’s sketches recently appeared on the social media and since then her work has become a major center of attention for art lovers.

Safa Ali has exceptional drawing skills which can be seen from her sketches below. Her art looks as if some professional was behind it.

She started learning art at the age of 9 and at only 14 years old, she is making sketches that rival professionals in the industry. Her teacher Mr. Mir Ahmad Ali who is the head of the art department in Saqquain art institute has played a prominent role in developing her skill.

What’s next for Safa Ali

Currently, Safa is studying in 9th grade and intends to improve her skill even more. She is getting a lot of support from her father who goes out of the way to promote her work.

When she grows up, Safa wants to pursue a career in fine arts. She also wants everyone to keep working hard and follow their passion.