These elderly and differently-abled Pakistani voting will inspire you unlike anything

25th July, the General Elections of Pakistan 2018 attracted millions of Pakistanis to come out of their homes and vote for Pakistan.

Despite the hot and humid weather with some rain reported in various areas of Pakistan, nothing stopped the patriotic Pakistanis from exercising their rights.

While Pakistani youth was in the forefront to vote for their favorite political party/candidate, celebrities, and other renowned figures were also hand in hand and went out to vote.

What was really inspiring to see was the turnout of elderly and specially-abled Pakistanis who, against all odds, went out there and voted for Pakistan.

Check out some of the photos that appeared on Social Media featuring our elders and the specially-abled.

Note: does not support or is in association with any one single political party. We do however strongly believe in Pakistani’s going out to vote regardless of their political preference. This article is purely for entertainment purposes.

Seeing these brave elderly and specially-abled people, our faith in the country has been restored. These people have inspired millions of Pakistanis to go out and vote whenever their national duty calls for.