Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy 8+ and S9+ are now up to Rs.10,000 cheaper

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your old Samsung Galaxy smartphone with the latest editions of these popular flagship phones by Samsung.

The Smartphone manufacturer has just announced that it is giving up to RS.10,000 discount on the Galaxy Note 8, the S8+ and the S9+.

Here are the price changes for all three phones:

  • Galaxy Note 8 – RS. 99,999 – RS 89,999
  • Galaxy S8+ – RS. 89,999 – RS. 84,999
  • Galaxy S9+ – RS. 121,999 – RS. 111,999

This is a rare chance

Samsung Pakistan is notoriously known for not offering discounts or sales on most of their phones. So this is quite a rare chance to get your hands on one of these phones.

Although one of the phones ‘Samsung Galaxy S8+’ from the discounts listed above is about 2 years old now, you’ll still get your hands on one of the best phones in Pakistan.

How to get further discounts

While the discounts listed above come officially from Samsung, you may still be able to get the phones even cheaper from third-party retailers.

For example, various online stores are offering each one of these phones at an additional RS. 3,000 – 4,000 discount. If you look at local stores around your city, you may be able to get the phones even cheaper than this.