Teen from Sialkot is set to conduct coin toss in Brazil Vs. Costa Rica Football World cup Match

Pakistani teenager Ahmed Raza from Sialkot is set to conduct the coin toss in the matchup between Brazil and Costa Rica on June 22 in the Fifa World Cup 2018.

This is a proud moment for Pakistan because it will be the first time a Pakistani will be representing the country on the field of Fifa World Cup match in an official capacity.

Ahmed belongs to Sialkot which is known to have produced footballs for Fifa World Cup through generations. Even this year’s world cup features the Telstar football which is manufactured in Sialkot.

Ahmed and his father are huge football fans and representing Pakistan in the Fifa World Cup 2018 is a dream come true for both father and son.


As for Ahmed, his favorite team is Brazil which is also the ‘national’ team of Pakistan as revealed by Google trends for this year. His favorite player is Neymar Junior which the teen will finally get the chance to meet in real life.

Pakistan football team may not be officially present in the world cup 2018, but the countrymen are still passionately following it.

Coca-Cola recently helped create a collaboration between Quratulain Baloch and Jason Durelo for a football anthem in order to celebrate the football world cup fever in Pakistan.

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