Qarshi took a fresh new approach with advertising by planting trees and pots in Karachi

Pakistan is going through one of the hottest summers in its history. This is partially blamed on global warming and the fact that we keep cutting down trees to make way for roads and other structures.

Just recently Karachi experienced another heatwave which claimed a few lives and left many under the effects of heat stroke.

The intense heatwave, increasing temperature and a shortage of water has finally made people realize that they are heading towards a crisis that they might not be able to survive in the years to come.

The youth along with a few organizations and brands have started planting trees and are doing their best to make sure that the environment is improved.

Qarshi, which we all know from their Jaam-E-Sheerin just did their part in spreading awareness about the importance of planting trees.

The brand launched a new eco-friendly campaign in Karachi where they paint the walls with Jaam-E-Sheerin at the Liaquatabad underpass.

But what really sets the campaign apart is that the brand also planted trees near the vicinity and as well as placed several pots and colorful lightning around where their advertisement is currently painted.

The ad not only gives a positive message of planting trees and saving the environment, it also attempts to beautify the city with colorful lights.