JW Forland’s automotive plant has been inaugurated in Lahore

JW Forland recently announced that they would be entering the Pakistani automotive market to produce commercial vehicles. Their aim is to provide better built, safer, more comfortable and most important of all, greener vehicles in Pakistan.

Today the company inaugurated their first automotive plant in Lahore to make this dream become a reality.

The new state of the art automotive plant line inaugurated today will not only strengthen the supply of commercial vehicles in a demanding country like Pakistan, it will also help boost jobs in the country.

The plant will also help create more key suppliers, internal stakeholders, R&D networks, and other key players in the automotive industry.

The inauguration was attended by CEO Haier and Ruba and the owner of Peshawar Zalmi, Javed Afridi who is a huge advocate for cleaner and greener things.

The biggest aim of JW Forland is to develop commercial vehicles in the country that are pre-equipped with less emission technology.

Since the climate of Pakistan has already become quite unstable given how the hot weather is becoming day by day, these greener vehicles will surely help the reduce pollution in the country and ultimately help control climate.