PSO launches new higher-quality petrol for better engine performance

In a bid to constantly improve the quality of fuel products in Pakistan and better serve its customers, Pakistan State Oil has just upgraded its products with the brand new RON 97 high octane petrol.

The new high octane petrol will be sold under the name ‘Altron X Hi-Octane 97’. This new fuel product aims to deliver superior performance for vehicles in Pakistan by enabling them to have a smooth and knock-free drive.

Using higher-grade RON fuel products such as this one not only extends the life of engines but also makes sure the cost of maintaining the engines reduces.

Moreover, PSO’s new petrol will reduce the environmental impact because it produces low emissions. Additionally, it will also help yield better mileage, enhance engine performance consequently resulting in a better experience for customers.

Pakistan State Oil is the first petroleum company to introduce this high-quality fuel product. The company was also first in introducing higher grade RON fuels in Pakistan for the very first time in 2016.

On the occasion of launching the RON 97 fuel, PSO Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Sheikh Imranul Haque ensured that PSO will continue to meet Pakistan’s energy requirements with better products in the future.