Pakistani executive producer’s Hollywood film featuring Margot Robbie Releases

Known best as an industrialist, food connoisseur, and an entrepreneur, Habib Paracha has just served as the executive producer for his second film in Hollywood featuring Margot Robbie.

Paracha debuted as an executive producer in a Hollywood film in 2016 by serving as the executive producer of the film ‘The Trust’ which featured Nicholas Cage and Elijah Wood.

Paracha started the journey of filmmaking as an experiment. But after receiving a lot of praise from people in Hollywood, he is now improving his skills.

The recently released film ‘The Terminal’ is proof that Paracha intends to continue working in Hollywood as a producer in the future.

More about The Terminal

The Terminal follows a twisting tale of two assassins who must carry out a sinister mission. One of the assassins is a teacher battling with a fatal illness and the other is an enigmatic Janitor and a curious waitress who is leading a dangerous double life.

The two lives are intertwined at the hands of a mysterious criminal mastermind who is hell-bent on having his revenge.

The Terminal released in the U.S on 11 May with average critic scores.