Out or Not Out? ICC helped these Pakistani kids confirm a tricky dismissal in a tape ball match

Tape ball cricket is without any doubt one of the most popular time passing activities for Pakistanis. It’s not hard to find young Pakistanis playing a tape ball match when you are out and about on the streets.

Most tape ball matches have their own set of rules which often don’t match with the rules set for professional cricket. But sometimes something completely out of the ordinary can happen which can leave behind a lot of confusion for the players.

Yesterday ICC posted a video which a fan from Pakistan sent them showing a bizarre situation. The video showed a ball returning to hit the wickets from under the legs of the batsmen after he tried to play a shot.

The batsman was given out despite his protest. To confirm whether it was the right decision or not, the video was sent to ICC which they posted on their Twitter.

ICC confirmed that the batsman was out, calling him an extremely unlucky batsman, surprising fans of cricket all over Pakistan.

Unfortunately for the (very unlucky) batsman, law 32.1 confirmed this is…. out – ICC

ICC’s Cricket Law 32.1

ICC referenced Law 32.1 while passing out this ruling. According to this law, the batsman is out bowled if his wicket is put down by the ball delivered by the ball, not being a no ball, even if it first touches the striker’s bat or person.

The video posted by ICC surprised many cricket fans from Pakistan and India who swarmed to comment on the video. While some agreed on the decisions, other simply commented on how unlucky the batsman was.