New single cabin Hilux Ambulances arrive in Jhelum for 1034 Ambulance service

The ambulance services in Jhelum is about to get a lot better with the upcoming launch of 1034 Ambulance service. The service is already operational in many parts of Punjab but this is the first time it will be serving citizens of Jhelum.

For the service, new single cabin Hilux ambulances have arrived in the city. The ambulances are spacious with all the necessary features to deal with an emergency.

Once launched, the 1034 ambulance service will specifically target pregnant women with 24/7 service availability.

The service will also cater for the following:

  • Transfer of complicated cases from basic to comprehensive EmONC facilities
  • Drop back service from BHU to the household for cases discharged during the night shift (7PM-7AM)
  • Transfer of complicated SAM child from OTP to a stabilization center
  • Transfer of complicated pneumonia/diarrhea cases from 24/7 BHUs and RHCs to nearest THQH / DHQH.

How can you use 1034 ambulance service?

The 1034 ambulance service depends on a call response center. Without the interaction from this center, the ambulances cannot move from one location to another. In an emergency, you can call 1034 immediately to request this free service.

Once your call is received, the agent at the center will identify the address/location of the patient by utilizing Google Maps. The agent will then contact the ambulance nearest to your location and will forward your address details.

After this, the agent will call you back to inform the ambulance is on its way. They will also share the details of the driver including their name and contact details.

Two automated SMS’s will also be generated with important details such as address, location, emergency details and contact and will be sent to both the driver and the patient.

The 1034 ambulance service has a call response time of 15 seconds and takes about 45 minutes to reach the client on an average. This depends entirely on the distance and the traffic on the way.