Nawabshah has just set a world record for experiencing the hottest day ever in April

The global warming is surely taking over the world and countries around the world have already started seeing the negative impacts.

Today, a new global record was set for the month of April when Nawabshah in Pakistan experienced a staggering temperature of 50.2 degrees Celsius. This is the hottest day ever experienced anywhere in the world in the month of April.

The metrological department of Pakistan issued a warning and advised everyone in the city to remain in their homes and keep themselves hydrated.

A heat of 50.2 degrees is quite dangerous and can easily knock an adult out if they are not protecting themselves.

exceptional 50.2 °c to Nawabshah at this Monday 30/04/2018, National heat for one month of April! ??️ (Previous: 50 °c to Larkana on 19/04/2017) *** also a new monthly record for the entire Asian continent! *** – Etienne Kapikian

The record was revealed by weather expert Christopher Burt who revealed on Twitter that Nawabshah may have just seen the hottest day ever recorded in the month of April.

The last record was held by Santa Rosa City in Mexico where the temperature hit a staggering 51 degrees in April in 2001. Although it is believed that the temperature recorded in Mexico was not authentic.

The April of 2018 has already have had Pakistanis worried. It was the warmest April the country has experienced ever which is worrisome because the summer has just only begun.