Islamabad Police releases smartphone app for reporting suspecious activities

Islamabad police have just modernized the way you report crimes. The police have just released an application for Android-powered devices that lets you report crimes with a few taps.

The ‘Islamabad Police’ app gives citizens access to the smart services introduced by the police in the capital city. Once you download the app and start it, you’ll be shown a user-friendly interface where you can report a crime or suspicious activity with just a few taps.

The app allows you to send information in the form of voice recording, typed text and even pictures in the areas such as drugs/alcohol, harassment, kidnapping, traffic violation, suspicious activity, theft, vandalism, and others.

Once you submit your complaint, the police will immediately receive it and act upon it. Apart from reporting suspicious activities, the application also lets you view the locations of nearby police stations.

Furthermore, the app also has a panic button which enables the user to generate alert to predefined contacts in your phone or place an immediate call to the police helpline.

The Islamabad Police app is available free to download from Google Play Store. An iOS version is in the works.