Here’s a look at the artistic side of New Islamabad Airport no one is talking about

Despite major and minor technical problems, the New Islamabad International Airport became fully operational on the 3rd of May.

Ever since its launch, everyone is either talking about how big and technologically advance the airport is or the numerous technical difficulties people have to deal with.

No one seems to be recognizing the work renowned Pakistani artists have put into making the airport beautiful and give it a culturally rich image. Here is a look at all the art pieces installed at the airport.

The artwork at Islamabad International Airport is without any doubt one of its defining features. It gives the visitors a glimpse of Pakistan’s rich crafts heritage as well as a look at the work of the country’s contemporary artists.

When you approach the Domestic and International check-in counters, you will witness large-scale murals made by renowned artists Aisha Khalid and Imran Qureshi.

As you walk past the other parts of the facility, you will witness works by international artists like Ali Kazim, Amin Gulgee, Meher Afroz, Adeela Suleman and as well as other emerging artists.

At the departure gates, you’ll witness the traditional crafts of Pakistan presented at a large canvas. Art pieces here are made with mediums ranging from copper, ceramics, wood, and stone.

You’ll even witness birds made with copper hovering over one of the courtyards of the airport. The state lounge has also been decorated with Naqashi in Mughal tradition.

When passengers arrive at the airport, they are welcomed by a celebration of color in the form of truck art.