Aamir Liaquat’s Facebook page with 2.5 million followers suspended again

Amir Liaquat’s Facebook page with 2.5 million followers has once again been suspended after scores of people reported the account to Facebook.

The account was suspended almost immediately after PEMRA banned Amir Liaquat for 30 days from appearing on TV in any kind of platform.

Additionally, his programs ‘Ramzan Main Bol’ and ‘Aisa Nahi Chalay Ga’ have also been stopped from being broadcast or re-broadcasted on BOL News.

PEMRA banned Amir Liaquat from TV after he took a call from Gujrat, India wherein the caller from India asked a question that enraged the TV host.

He then accused Dr. Zakir Naik on live television and argued with a fellow scholar over the question after finally leaving his show.


The statement issued by PEMRA also highlighted the host’s previous activities that have often been accused of fake publicity stunts by giving rise to controversies.

He has also used immoral language in the past which has been deemed unacceptable in the Muslim world. PEMRA also mentioned that Amir Liaquat causes unwarranted drama on TV that hurts the sentiments of Pakistanis.

Amir Liaquat’s ban history

This isn’t the first time Amir Liaquat has been banned from appearing on TV and social media. He has been banned on several occasions. This is the second time he has been banned in 2018.

Previously, Amir Liaquat was banned in January 2018 from appearing on TV and social media. According to Amir Liaquat, PTA quietly disabled his Facebook account and blocked his website from viewership in Pakistan.