You can now fly to Manchester, Birmingham & Kuala Lumpur in PIA’s business class and pay economy fares

For frequent flyers to Manchester, Birmingham & Kuala Lumpur from Pakistan, PIA has an amazing news to share. Starting today, Pakistan Air Lines has introduced a new initiative that lets you fly in extreme comfort.

You can now fly to these locations from anywhere in Pakistan in PIA’s business class and pay the fares as low as the economy class.

The new initiative is part of the PIA’s rebranding strategy to bring the airlines back to its glory days. The new class is being dubbed as Executive Economy and only limited seats are available on first come first serve basis.

Most of the PIA planes flying to Manchester, Birmingham & Kuala Lumpur from Pakistan features at least 35 business class seats which are spread across a 2-3-2 configuration.

All the seats have pretty good leg room and they can be reclined to help you lie down and relax. Each seat is also equipped with a personal television complete with a remote control that lets you play digital media on demand.

There’s even a compartment under the seats where you can stow your shoes. Between the seats, there are also reading lights and charging docks where you can recharge your laptop or phone or any other digital device.

PIA also serves a different menu in the business class which changes from time to time but most of the times you have a better choice of food items compared to economy class.

The lavatory is also slightly more spacious and comfortable compared to the economy class. In other words, you’ll get a lot more from your journey when flying in the business class.