World famous Les Mills workout to launch in Pakistan under supervision of official UK instructor

With health and fitness becoming popular amongst Pakistanis, the country is seeing an exceptional growth in the fitness industry with more gyms opening up across the country and more and more people becoming educated fitness instructors.

Fitness enthusiasts all over Pakistan will be glad to know that the world famous Les Mills workouts are officially launching in Pakistan through Shapes gyms.

Shapes, a well-known fitness brand in Pakistan has partnered with Tim Meadows, an official Les Mills instructor from the UK to officially launch the workout in all of its branches across the country.

Tim Meadows is already working hard with coaches of Shapes to make Les Mills a reality in Pakistan. Over the past few weeks, Tim has been teaching the concepts and practices behind the workouts to the coaches so they can conduct their own group classes of the workout at Shapes.

The coaches are being taught all about Les Mills Sprint, Les Mills Grit, Les Mills Body Attack, Les Mills Body Combat and the Les Mills Body Pump workouts.

The Les Mills workout will officially be launching at Shapes from the 10th of April. For bookings, you can contact Shapes through their Facebook page.

More About Les Mills

Les Mills is world famous series of workouts developed by Philip Mills. The workout combines great music with cutting-edge exercise science to help people find love in fitness.

The workout was first developed in the 1980s in New Zealand and quickly became the go-to exercise-to-music fitness programs in the country. Over the years it has been expanded to include various workout programs and is now being followed in more than 100 countries across the globe.

The workouts are licensed by 19,500 partners in 100 countries around the world.