This organization takes your old furniture, refurbishes it and give it to the underprivileged

We all like buying and upgrading things at home. Sometimes our old stuff like clothes, furniture, crockery and others buildup as clutter at home and we all try to get rid of them somehow. Some of us may give them away as a charity while others tend to sell them out.

But selling or giving away large furniture is still not easy as there are costs of transportation involved and you have to find the right party.

An organization that goes by the name ‘Rehen Sehen’ is out there to make it easier to get your load off to the right people. Rehen Sehen collects your old stuff, refurbishes it and then sell it to the underprivileged for an 80% reduced cost.

This is an excellent initiative that allows people with less income to buy crockery, furniture, clothes and other stuff at a very low cost.

Rehen Sehen has a very strict system in which the buying party is verified. The buying party must be earning under 30,000 to be able to buy the goods from the organization.

Rehen Sehen takes this nominal fee because they have to repair and refurbish goods to turn them into new. To survive and have a team of their own, they have to charge the bare minimum.

Still, it is an excellent initiative that has allowed underprivileged people to buy furniture and other goods for weddings and home furnishing at an amazingly low cost.

You can donate your old stuff to Rehen Sehen by contacting them on their Facebook page or calling them on 0333-1006437. Currently, the organization is only operational in Karachi.