Here’s your first look at the New Islamabad International Airport completed Mosque

After many delays in the launch of Islamabad International Airport, the final date of inauguration has been set on the 20th of April.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the airport has been completed and is ready to start operations as soon as it has been inaugurated. The Prime Minister of Pakistan will personally inaugurate the airport on the occasion.

New Islamabad Airport boasts a modern outlook with lots of new facilities that were missing or lacking in modernity in the old airport. One of the major improvements in the airport is the mosque for the airport visitors.

The Mosque built at the Islamabad Airport uses a very modern architectural approach in favor of a cultural look. The structure itself looks different from any other mosque we have seen in the capital.

The mosque has been completed and is now ready to open its doors to the visitors as soon as the airport goes live. The mosque has two floors and a vast open area dedicated to worshippers which is enough room to meet the demands of the airport.