Gojra welcomes a new hockey stadium with modern features to promote the sport

Gojra is often considered the capital of Hockey. Gojra which is a tehsel of Toba Tek Singh has produced over 112 international hockey players from Pakistan who have contributed to international games, tournaments and even taken part in Olympic games.

Previously the city had access to a hockey stadium which was suitable for international matches but it due to negligence, the stadium has seen better days.

Now the sports board of Punjab has constructed a brand new stadium in the city to provide an additional platform for talented young players from Gojra who are very passionate about the game.

With the new stadium comes modern features and Astro Turf ground for the players that will allow them to practice in conditions necessary for international matches.

The sports board is already determined to find and groom new players for the National Hockey team to bring back the glory days for our National Team.

With stadiums like these, the players have a chance to learn better techniques and eventually compete better on the international level with some help from coaching academies.