Meet Rameesha Shahid, Pakistan’s first and only Kickboxing instructor

Kickboxing and mixed martial arts are two sports in Pakistan that are slowly gaining traction amongst Pakistanis. While the sport is known to few in the country, there are still people here who are passionate about it.

Kickboxing is mostly known here as a men’s only sport. But a girl from Karachi is changing the mindset through showing her passion for the sport.

Rameesha Shahid is a master kickboxer and teaches kickboxing to other girls at K7 Fitness and Kickboxing Academy. But it wasn’t always like this at the academy.

Before Rameesha became a student, K7 never had a female kickboxing student. Rameesha was the first female student of the academy who trained under Master Jamil Cahndio alongside. When she started kickboxing, she was the only female student in the class.

But now things have changed, after going through rigorous training at the academy, she was promoted to a master and was given a chance to start her own class.

Rameesha loved the sport so much that she didn’t think twice before becoming an instructor at the academy. Ever since she joined the academy, you can now see many females learning kickboxing at K7 under her.

Rameesha has more than 30 female students at the academy which she teaches in two shifts. Her passion for the sport is commendable. She has become a beacon of hope for many women in Pakistan who want to learn a tough sport like kickboxing or find a career in it.

Location of K7 Fitness & Kickboxing Academy

If you too have a passion for learning kickboxing, you can become a part of Rameesha’s classes. She teaches at the K7 academy which is located at Zamzama Boulevard, Karachi. Use the map below to get there.