Islamabad Traffic Police launches virtual driving training simulators in the capital

Islamabad Traffic Police has recently started taking many new positive initiatives in the capital city of Pakistan. The police recently launched a digital challan system that allows people to pay their challans on the go through digital payments.

The police are also actively promoting traffic awareness campaign through their innovative ‘Because We Care’ traffic rules awareness campaign which was a series of small videos that were hit on social media.

The ITP also partnered with the Police to launch the country’s first ever digital parking system that records the data of vehicles entering in a public parking zone via smartphone and QR code.

Now the traffic police have launched virtual driving training simulators to help facilitate the training of new drivers in the city.

The police have now installed 10 driving training simulators in Faizabad. The stations are equipped with three screens, a seat, gearbox, steering wheel, acceleration, brake and clutch pedals and other things that replicate a driver’s seat in a real car.

The purpose of these stations is to help facilitate the training of young men and women who want to learn driving. Before they start training on the road, the individuals can learn to drive on the system under the supervision of ITP officials.

This will also help trainees learn about the various road hazards and sign through a specially developed software for the system.