Islamabad Traffic Police launches digital challan system in the capital

The Islamabad Traffic Police launched the digital challan system in the capital city today. The system which was developed in 2.5 years will allow ITP officials to give challan to violators on the spot using a mobile phone.

The officials will receive a special application on their smartphones which will help them issue challans on the go. They will add the license number of the violator on the app and in return will get the details of the driver.

Once a challan has been issued, an SMS will be sent to the provided phone number of the violator. From there on, the violator will have the ability to pay the challan on the spot through digital payments using JCash application provided by JSBank.

Once the challan is paid, the ITP officials will receive a notification of payment and they will hand back your documents immediately.


The digital challan system will effectively eliminate the need for violators to go to National Bank of Pakistan to pay the challan fee, consequently saving them the time and effort of being in long ques.

Even though the digital challan system is highly convenient for the public, it also eliminates the one and only fear of receiving challan which is getting in long ques.

The new system will help the Islamabad Traffic Police to keep an effective record of violations, but the question still remains, will this system help reduce violations in the capital or do just the opposite?