This cafe in Lahore is serving a unique Cheese Lava burger

Pakistanis have an insatiable love for burgers. Whether it’s a crispy chicken burger, a beef burger or a plain old anda shami burger, we’re always looking out for good burgers.

While there are many burger outlets in Pakistan, both local and international, most of them have the same burgers with a little change in recipes. Only a few burger joints have gone out of the way to introduce something new.

Cafe Royale in Lahore is one the many few who are serving a unique burger they like to call The Cheese Lava or The Cheese Bomb burger.

The burger is made just like any other burger, a patty is well cooked coupled with a bit salad and assembled in a soft bun, but what really makes it stand out is the melting cheese the cafe drenches the burger in.

Yes, you heard that right, the entire burger is covered in a hot melting cheese sauce making it a messy but extremely cheesy burger. It is by far one of the cheesiest burgers you’ll find in Pakistan. You may need a fork and knife for this one!

Apart from the cheese lava burger, Cafe Royal also serves a number of other dishes including British coffee. The cafe spread across multiple floors is a must visit for any foodie.

Location of Cafe Royale Lahore

Cafe Royale is located in 23 CCA Commercial, Phase 5, DHA. You can use the map below to get there easily.