24k pure gold ice cream cone debuts in California and becomes an instant hit

Forget doughnut cones or charcoal burgers, the newest food trend in the world is a 24k pure gold ice cream cone which debuted recently in California.

The small ice cream chain Snowopolis recently released their 24k pure gold ice cream cone and since then it has been made famous on Instagram.

Believe it or not, the ice cream is actually made from pure gold. It is made from gold leaves which are edible and are a bit different from actual gold because it does not have the metals and other toxicities found in gold.

According to the ice cream chain, their gold cone is made with something known as E-175 which is gold and edible. The very same edible gold poses no threat when eaten because it isn’t absorbed by the digestive system.

Since the gold isn’t digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, it naturally passes out the body as waste.

Calfornia Ice cream chain makes the ice cream by pre-spraying the waffle cone with edible gold dust, filling it with soft vanilla ice cream and then coating it with a 24K tinfoil-like leaves made from gold.

The ice cream costs $15 per piece which is approximately RS. 1,600.