Brother and Sister share their motorbike tour from Islamabad to Hunza from 1984

If you thought motorbike touring of the northern areas was something only our generation is capable of, think again. A couple just shared a beautiful set of pictures from their tour from Islamabad to Hunza on motorbikes from 1984.

The pictures come from Yasmin Shaukat, a citizen of Islamabad who loves traveling around Pakistan and helping people along the way.

The pictures show the couple and Yasmin’s brother along with others traveling to Hunza on motorbikes. She recalls that her then young brother was a student of B.Com and had no experience in riding bikes on normal areas yet mustered up enough courage to take it to the dangerous hilly areas of northern Pakistan.

Decades back me and my husband had a bike tour from Islamabad to Hunza on our motor bike. In this journey my brother Safdar Ali Raza was also with us. Safdar, at that time was a student of B. Com part I and he did not has his own bike. He did not have any experience of driving a motor bike in plain areas so what to talk about hilly areas. –  Yasmin Shaukat

She recalls that the only the road of Khaghan was travelable while the road to Naran and Chilas never existed and was a dangerous trek that even experienced bikers had trouble traversing through.

In those days metaled road was up to Kaghan only and Naran to Chilas was a dangerous trek, difficult for even experienced bikers. Safdar drove on this trek and crossed Babusar top with courage and patience.

She still remembers how courageous her brother was to take up the challenge and how he was so comfortable after reaching their destination.

Her brother, Safdar Ali Raza recalls that in the start it was extremely difficult for him. As soon as he started the journey, he had already broken the indicators and head light of the bike. The bike lever was tilted and he even suffered bruises from falling.

But despite all the hardships, he enjoyed the tour a lot.

At start it was very difficult as the bikes were falling. Soon I had broken the indicators and head light. The brake leaver was tilted along with the handle. And all this apart from the bruises I had from falling. I found it difficult from Naran-Bata Kundi- Nala thak and upto Chillas but after it to Gilgit and then KKH which was new back then, I enjoyed a lot.
And after this tour I have travelled across Pakistan including Sindh and Balochistan. But there was NO tour in my life that I enjoyed as much as this. – Safdar Ali Raza, Yasmin’s brother

The tour was completed in July 1984 and proves that if you have the passion and determination, nothing can stand in your way.

Yasmin Shaukat’s story is an inspiration for all young travelers who want to explore Pakistan.