Two iPhone batteries exploded in the last two days in two separate Apple stores

Apple is once again under fire from international press and customers for endangering people lives through its Smartphone.

Two iPhone batteries exploded on two separate occasions on Tuesday and Wednesday inside Apple stores in Spain and Switzerland. The explosions caused widespread panic and everyone present in the stores including Apple employees had to evacuate immediately.

The first explosion occurred on Tuesday inside an Apple store located in Zurich Switzerland when an employee was replacing the battery of the iPhone but it caught fire instead.

The employee received minor burns and at least seven people were treated on the scene after the store was forced to evacuate. Police, ambulances, and firefighters quickly came to control the situation.

The second battery explosion took place inside an Apple Store located in Valencia, Spain. The entire store was filled with smoke when a battery inside an iPhone caught fire while it was being repaired.

The store employees and customers had to evacuate the building while police and firefighters controlled the situation. No injuries were reported as a result of the explosion.

The reason behind exploding iPhone batteries

Apple recently significantly reduced the price of replacing an out of warranty battery for older iPhone versions after they admitted they were slowing down old iPhones.

This caused several iPhone owners to rush to Apple stores to get their batteries replaced.

Apple stores have received an unusualĀ amount of battery replacement requests which increased the possibility of batteries being exploded like they did yesterday and day before yesterday.